Why Use ShippingMatch

Shipping Match.com has simplified shipping services with our auction based shipping marketplace, an easy-to-use web site and mobile application that allows our customers to list a shipment that will attract quotes/bids from our network of licensed and insured carriers, movers and brokers that are interested in providing the requested shipping service. Our auction styled shipping marketplace gives you the shipping intelligence and ability to work with the best service provider and get the best price with an outstanding service. Our auction styled shipping solution ensures our shipping customers are quoted a reasonable price, because as each carrier bids on the freight/shipment, the price is lowered till it reaches an amount that represents a fair market quote for such load. Additionally, our shipping customers do not pay any extra money to ShippingMatch other than the quoted amount by the service provider to transport their freight.


The Shipping Match marketplace isn’t just a load board that allows you to list your shipment for service providers to submit quotes, our site is equipped with a feature that enables the shipping customer to invite service providers to submit quotes for their shipments, the site is also equipped with a feature that allows shipping customers and service providers to communicate publicly on the load board regarding the shipment before it’s dispatched, this will help to eliminate guess work while our registered service providers are bidding for shipments (Freights). Shipping Match is also equipped with ratings and review tools which encourage our service providers to be as professional as possible while engaging in a shipping service on ShippingMatch.


Service providers that are using Shipping Match are able to reduce the rate of their trucks  “deadhead” (the industry term for operating a truck with an empty trailer) because they are able to strategize better by securing return loads before completing the first segment of their trip. Service providers are able to search for loads based on their routes by using our search tool rather than just settling for any load that is available at the time they are ready to commence their return trip. Service providers may also be able to quote more for the load they are moving because they are mostly dealing with the shipping customers directly.


Ability to review service provider’s feedback before accepting their quotes

Another advantage is that shipping customers can see how many shipments are being won by a carrier and how many times a carrier wins a load but doesn’t show up to pick-up the shipment or showed up late to pick up the load. Our rating system reveals all these information to the potential customers. This will help our shipping customers to weed out poor carriers but also provide you a powerful opportunity to help develop a good relationship with carrier of your choice that are doing great work.