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ShippingMatch is trusted by thousands of shipping customers that are connecting to our network of licensed and insured transporters, brokers and third party logistics and international shipping agents to fulfill their shipping needs

Our Mission Statement

To provide a simplified, safe and cost effective global shipping solution.

For Service Provider

It's totally free for Owner Operators, Transportation Companies, Brokers,
International Shipping Agents and Third Party Logistic Companies to join "ShippingMatch" and become a part of our Service Providers.

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    Register for a free account to become a licensed and insured service provider.

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    Find Shipments

    Find shipments and ask questions about the shipments.

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    Send Quote

    Send quote to the shipping customer and state the terms of payment.

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    Review Dispatch Instructions

    Review dispatch information for the shipments you have been assigned.

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    Pickup and Deliver the Shipments

    Call the shipping customers to finalize the pickup and delivery arrangement.

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    Update Shipments Status and Get Paid

    Update the shipments status till it's delivered and get paid after delivery.

Track & Manage

Our shipping customers are able to track and
manage their shipment from the time it's dispatched.

Find shipper and broker loads. No subscription fees.


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