Prohibited Items

Prohibited items are goods or items that are risky, life-threatening and dangerous. These items may pose health dangers, safety or property perils during transport. Such materials may be explosives, inflammable material or gases, radioactive materials, toxic substances, venomous items.

High-risk, dangerous goods that are unsafe for transport and cannot be shipped by mail or commercial carriers are prohibited on Shipping Match. The only high-risk substances that may be legally transported under given conditions (they are properly packaged and labeled) may be allowed on Shipping Match. You acknowledge that when listing such items, specific evident notice of the perilous nature of the material to be transported will be shared while listing the shipment and the item and packaging must conform with the local laws for shipping such item. For details on specific life-threatening substances and requirements in the US, refer to the U.S. Custom and Border Protection site. For details on specific life-threatening substances and requirements outside the US, it is suggested that you consult the local postal authorities and/or your local transportation regulatory agency.

Restricted Items

Limited, prohibited or expendable goods. These goods are considered limited or dispensable by the U.S. Postal Service which rarely turn out to be lethal or high-risk for health, security or property during their transport, but their transportation is banned or proscribed for specific public policy reasons. In General, proscribed or dispensable items that can’t be legitimately transported by mail or commercial carriers are not allowed on Shipping Match. Complete responsibility lies with the Shipping Customer and Service Provider to abide by all the postal and non-postal laws and regulations that are relevant to the shipping or mailing of perilous, health-risk, dispensable materials. Any person who ships or transports, or gets non-deliverable or improperly packaged high-risk material is liable to be prosecuted legally (i.e. subject to violation, fines, and/or imprisonment), including but not limited to those specified in 18 U.S.C.