About ShippingMatch

Who We Are

ShippingMatch is based in Atlanta, GA. The company was formed with a vision to create an easy-to-use, online shipping and transportation marketplace that helps to solve the problems faced by many shipping customers and businesses when the need to ship or transport bulky item or commercial freight arises or when there is a need to pick up auction items. Our marketplace also provides moving solutions for both residential and commercial moving needs.

What We Do

ShippingMatch was founded with a mission to set a new standard of service and convenience in an industry not typically known for great customer care. We thought it shouldn’t be a problem for businesses or individual shipping customers to relocate or ship cars, boats, farm produce, electronics, furniture, equipment, animals/pets, tractors, commercial goods, bikes, ATVs or any large items across the country or internationally. Our goal is not just to create a smart, cost effective and simplified shipping solution, but to ensure that each shipping transaction ends with an outstanding customer satisfaction by matching our shipping customers with the appropriate service providers at the right time. We strive to ensure you that you are given an excellent and satisfactory service at all times.